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Contemporary Gates


Q / How far apart do I need the posts or pillars on a Contemporary double gate?

A / You will need to allow between 15mm - 35mm (ideally 20mm) between gate edge and post on each side.

Example: Hinge side 20mm + 20mm + middle gap 10mm and gate width = width between posts or pillars.

Same example for all contemporary double gate styles

Double Gate Diagram

Q / How high do I need my posts?

A / On the hinge side, you will need at least 100mm higher post to allow for the top and bottom hinges.

Example: Bottom hinge 35mm + top hinge allowance 65mm + gate example of 1800mm high = 1900mm floor to top of post.

NOTE* If you are under ground automating, you will need to adjust the height of the post to allow for the automation recommended floor clearance.

You will find hardware technical drawings click here or you can contact us for the installation instruction with the sizes, state on message the RMG number of the product ie RMG001 or RMG002

Download double gate installation instructions adjustable gap or fixed gap install.

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